The St Germans Bookcases

Our client is a great lover of books and our brief was to design and make a pair of bookcases for the guest bed room. These were to be very special items that will mature beautifully and be suitable to pass on at some point in the future. The bookcases are identical and standalone. Following the classical lines of proportion, the design and make up was to be in a truly pleasing and practical design. Open fronted with adjustable shelves, the base stands proud of the top. These bookcases are big! So the timber and veneer choice offered real scope for some wonderful grain with maximum effect. In a room which is filled with wonderful antiques, these items really ‘look the part’.


Ash, Olive Ash veneer with ebony inlay


Width 120cm (3′ 11 1/4″)

Depth 60cm (1′ 11 5/8″)

Height 242cm (7′ 11 1/4″)


May 2007

‘Dear James, Thank you so much for making those wonderful bookshelves. I had a lovely afternoon filling them up and they look terrific’

AliceSouth Devon