The Serpentine Desk

In this case our client works from home two days a week and was fed up with making do with an old hand me down from the office. He wanted to treat himself to a very special desk that was able to cope with the ever present IT needs but was also a proper writing desk that allowed him an unobstructed view over his beloved Leicestershire countryside. Our solution, like all the best things in life, simplicity itself. The desk is wider than most and it has an extra wide knee hole so that all the IT kit can be set up permanently on the right hand side and he can roll his chair to the left to do his writing. All the drawers on the right are specifically subdivided for his own stationery, CDs, DVDs etc and the bottom left hand drawer is set up for hanging files. The desk also contains two secret compartments known only to our client. That aside, I think the success of this desk lies in marrying all this practicality and strength in a large piece of furniture with delicacy and fine lines.


English Oak with Burr Oak veneer, Ebony handles and detailing


Length 220cm (7′ 2 1/2″)

Depth 66cm (2′ 2″)

Height 76cm (2′ 6″)


May 2006