The ‘Deeds’ Boxes

A set of 4, each one given as a wedding present to the client’s four nieces. A ‘keepsake’ box to go for example, on a hall table.


English Walnut


Width 83cm (2′ 8 5/8″)

Depth 25cm (9 7/8″)

Height 16cm (6 1/4″)


March 2010

‘A rather belated but huge thank you from both Tom and myself for the exquisite box you so carefully crafted as a present from Anita to mark our marriage. It is absolutely beautiful and I understand from Anita the time, skill and huge talent used by you to make it. We have just moved house and it sits so well amongst our modern and antique furniture – a testament to the style in which it is made. Thank you very much, it is very precious.’

Tom and ClareBerkshire