The Burr Amboyna Sofa Table

The clients, a retired judge and his wife were convinced that they ‘did not want anything contemporary’ but did want it to be unique. It seems obvious, but one of my guiding principles is that I aim to give the clients what they want, whilst also introducing them to new options that they may not have come across. In this case an entirely traditional sofa table design using the wonderful South East Asian Burr Amboyna veneer rather than the more usual mahogany.


American Black Walnut with Burr Amboyna veneer and Boxwood inlay


Width 150cm (4′ 11 1/16″)

Depth 60cm (1′ 11 5/8″)

Height 72cm (2′ 4 3/8″)


January 2003

‘The table continues to intrigue and impress every visitor.’