Stark Naked!

‘Stark Naked’ is a modern take on the old suit valet. A surprise gift from Mrs S to Mr S on his birthday.

This was an especially moving commission. About 10 years ago we met these lovely clients at a show in London and they came very close to commissioning us to make a set of bookcase/media cabinets for their sitting room. Happily the imminent arrival of their first child put the plans on hold with many promises to come back to us one day….

Last year we get a call out of the blue from Mrs S, they have moved out to Gloucestershire now and have two children. It was Mr S’s birthday next February and could we design and make a bespoke suit valet for him. What a lovely surprise, a period of subterfuge followed and the surprise gift was duly presented today (Feb 2015) and Mr S was kind enough to send the email below straight away – very kind.

‘James, Di

You are bloody marvels. Can’t thank you enough – that is the most beautiful, original and wholly personal item.

Blown away.’


American Cherry


Width 45cm (1′ 5 1/2″)

Depth 45cm (1′ 5 1/2″)

Height 118.5cm (3′ 10 5/8″)


February 2015