Curvaceous Console Table

A contemporary console table to go beneath a nautical picture in the narrow hall of a Shropshire farm house. Maple was chosen to echo the Birdseye Maple frame of the painting and the South East Asian Burr Amboyna gives an opulent feel to the piece. The table is fixed to the wall and the corners were softened to protect the clients’ grandchildren as they sped around the house. Also, the legs were set back firstly to fit behind the runner and secondly to keep them out of the way.


Ripple Maple with Burr Amboyna veneer and boxwood stringing


Width 130cm (4′ 3 3/16″)

Depth 40cm (1′ 3 3/4″)

Height 90cm (2′ 11 1/2″)


March 2003