© James Morley 2014

Beaulieu Abbey Church Cross

A unique project that took some long time to come to fruition.  The result is spectacular – the cross itself is gilded and painted in Cistercian red.  One of the many lovely aspects about this commission is that the cross is made up of the old oak Memorial Cross which was presented to Beaulieu Abbey by the family of one of its soldiers back in 1917.  Writes Di – this really shows ‘to the max’ James’ skill at design, measuring and attention to detail.

The hanging of the cross was exciting and nerve wracking in equal measures! A fair amount of tension in the air as this all happened on November 6th in time for Remembrance Sunday – the main thrust of the Vicar’s sermon hinged on the cross and some of the original family members were there!  After some 3 to 4 hours of preparation, James, along with Richard and Kevin, completed the task in front of an audience which consisted of the Vicar, Churchwardens and benefactress!  Apart from the uneven weight of the cross (the heaviest area being the top section of the cross), the key part in the process was to make sure that the cross bar did not come into contact with the niche walls – all quite tricky but successfully achieved and navigated!

An epic and seminal day!  Our thanks to Tim, Mark, Richard and Kevin for their roles in this project.

Details can be found in our portfolio, here.